Getting ready for the Scouting adventure…

This program is designed for third year cubs who are moving up to Scouts in the fall. The program allows the youth to experience week-long camping for the first time. This program also gives the youth a boost on the Scouting program as our director incorporates Scout level knowledge into the program.

When the youth leave camp they will be able to start lanterns, stoves, have basic knife safety as well as first-aid knowledge. These youth will be ready to share their knowledge with their fellow Scouts when they return home to their troops.  Along with the Scout level aspect the youth still have Cub level fun as they swim, explore the dunes, see the bees at the honey farm, make stepping-stones, planters, bird feeders, and much more.

Emphasis is not placed on canoeing but on becoming comfortable with the water and playing around with the canoes. Both the Frog and the Tenderfeet program are not set in stone as the program is made to be flexible and the director makes changes to the program depending on the needs and interests of the youth.  We understand that not all types of activities interest all types of youth.  The director of this program is also our camp nurse and she is amazing at both of her jobs at camp.

Parents and leaders are encouraged to attend for the week as it is about family involvement. Through out the years we have had mother daughter and father son combo’s. We promote parent involvement as at this age it sometimes helps to have mom or dad in the background especially when the youth spend the whole week at camp.