First Day of Camp Procedures

All groups are responsible for their own breakfast and lunch on the first Saturday of camp. The camp will supply all food after camp officially opens. It is important to get in your registration forms at the deadline so we can be aware of allergies, dietary needs, and health conditions before food and supplies are ordered.

Pre-Opening Ceremonies

Arrival is between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. This allows the groups’ time to set up their campsites before opening ceremonies. Opening ceremonies will commence at 12:00 pm.

When you are entering the park, please inform the provincial park gate staff that you are going to the Scout camp and you will receive free entry to drop off your youth.

Directly after arriving please check in with the administration. They will give you your site number, sign in your youth, and assign someone to show your group around if they are new to camp. The administration team can be found in the Lou Peterson building (log house).

Frogs, Cubs, Tenderfeet, First and Second Years will be able to proceed to their sites with their gear and set up their camp and get to know other youth in their programs. It is asked of all parents/guardians/leaders of these groups of youth that they not leave camp until their youth are set up in their campsites (ex: tents set up and settled).

The Third and Fourth Year youth can pile their gear in Parade Square just to the left of the entrance as the van and trailers will be loaded from that point and they will leave on their trip directly after opening.

After opening Ceremonies

Opening will commence in Parade Square at 12:00 pm.

Following opening the First Year youth will leave to go spar cutting outside of the park, as they will need these to do the pioneering program.

Depending on weather the Second Years will be going out on the water to review canoeing strokes and practice canoe over canoe rescue. Following the review they will be preparing for their trip.

Third and Fourth Year Directors will organize their youth and gear prior to opening. After opening, Third and Fourth Year participants will be loading up and leaving camp as soon as possible.

Leaders Meeting

The Canadian flag will be lowered at 9:00 pm every day. The camp bell will ring and there will be a minute of silence while everyone in camp faces the general direction of the flag. Following flag lowering on the first day, there will be a leaders meeting in the dining shelter. This meeting will explain more camp structure, answer any questions, and explain expectations and responsibilities of both leaders and youth. During this meeting, youth will be occupied by the Challenge Leaders who will host a campfire and night wide games.