Challenge Leaders

The reason camp is so successful…

Challenge Leaders are those participants who have completed the program and have come back to help run the camp. Challenge Leaders are invaluable people as they use the knowledge that they have learned from the program and give back to the youth who are in the program. These young adults have the passion that we all have for Campanoe and are treated just like staff at our camp. We rely on them for general camp function and they are the future of our camp.

The Challenge leaders help with canoeing instruction, hiking, pioneering, and so much more around camp. They also help supervise on the Second, Third, and Fourth Year trips. The Challenge Leaders also help with the Frog and Tenderfeet program.

This program is for adolescence up to 18 years of age. After 18 years of age the person is considered a staff member. Camp would not run without the help and assistance of the Challenge Leaders. They do the necessary jobs around camp to make the week fun and safe for everyone!