First Year

Dabbling in everything…

First Year program is geared towards canoeing but it does incorporate hiking, pioneering, outdoor cooking, compass, shelter building and much much more.

Participants will learn basic canoe strokes, canoe over canoe rescue, canoe trip preparation, and trail rations geared towards canoeing    

Youth will enjoy three  nights out of base camp, have time to exploring the Dunes, pick up a quick sugar snack and have time to splash around in the water

Youth will also participate in a Spirit walk, which is designed to teach Scouts about edible and non-edible vegetation.  Youth design their own mini pizzas in cardboard box ovens and learn on trail cooking methods.

In the hiking program,  participants navigate their way over various terrain. Along the way they learn wilderness first-aid, basic orienteering skills and how to read trail signs. The chosen campsite allows the youth to be creative and inventive as it brings on a whole new meaning to the term be prepared.

Knots and lashings are used to build catapults during a pioneering session and the groups partake in the messiest one-on-one water fight known to Scouting.

First year groups are divided into A & B depending on numbers. Individual troops are grouped into patrols that camp together for the week.  Patrols are then placed into Groups A & B. This will determine your weekly schedule.