Gone Home

As time goes by we remember those who showed us what scouting is all about.
They influenced us and helped mold our camp into what it is today and for this we remember them!

Bud JohnsonGone Home
Lou Peterson
Norm Bohn
Laura Chaban
Ed Chaban
Don Dutkiewicz
Bob Bastock
Marinus de Graauw
Irene Bohn
Stewart Zess
Don Meachim
Matthew Fullawka
Luke Croteau
Don Calfas

Jessica Petruka
Alex Lalonde

Morgan Ashdown

Kenneth Arndt

Glenda Ashdown


We have hiked along life’s pathways,
Our packs upon our backs.
We have pitched our tents and rested,
Here and there along the tracks.

We have used our compass wisely,
To guide is on our way.
And hope to reach the campsite,
Of our Great Chief Scout some day.

We have tried to be trustworthy –
Kept our honour high and clean.
We have been as loyal as any,
To our Country and our Queen.

We have done our best at all times–
Kept our promise – been prepared.
And hope our good deeds please Him,
When at last our souls are bared.

We have lightened others’ burdens,
With our smiles along the way.
We have kept our hand in God’s hand,
Walked beside Him day by day.

And when our span of life runs out,
We’ll make this gentle plea:
May we sit around His campfire,
At the final Jamboree.