Frog Patrol

A family experience…

The Frog Patrol program is designed for children of staff members. These children are not old enough for the Cub, Tenderfeet or 1st Year Programs.

This Program is specifically designed to entertain the youth so that their parents as staff members can share their expertise with other youth and different program years. This program is also perfect  for a parent and child. They can spend the week with each other. The parents can help out with supervision and the child get to enjoy the activities, and friendships a summer camp has to offer with mom or dad still close by.

The Program is filled with camp crafts, a short hike on the beach, a trip to the honey farm, kite flying, mini golfing and much much more.

A story from a former Frog…

“I personally grew up in the Frog Patrol program. My dad would bring my older brother to camp as a first year Scout and I came along because my mom was working and I would have been home alone if I had not been allowed to come. I had lots of fun, enjoyed meeting and creating new friends and after all those years I am still involved with the camp after fifteen years. Camp is where my life started as I was molded into the person I am today because of each and every summer as part of the Campanoe family. It is where I met friends as a child, my boyfriend/husband as an adolescent. Camp is a very special place for me as this is where I got proposed to under the star in parade square and it is now where I share my summer holidays with my husband.”