Registration Forms

2023 Registration Forms

See link above for all the forms you will require to register for camp as well as first day of camp procedures.

*Group Registration Form

Group Registration Form is to be sent in by the Scout group leader outlining all participants coming from their group.

*Registration Form

  • All participants attending Campanoe must fill out and submit an individual Participant Registration Form.

*Offer of Service

  • All Scouters coming to Campanoe as an Offer of Service (having previously completed all four years of the program) must fill out and submit an Offer of Service Registration Form.

*BBQ Registration Form

  • All participants attending Campanoe Challenge are already accounted for when planning for the Family Day BBQ. Any additional family members coming for Family Day and the Family Day BBQ must fill out and submit a BBQ Registration Form so food supplies can be ordered ahead of time.

All forms are to be sent to:
Campanoe Challenge
19 Ellison Crescent
Regina, SK
S4R 4V4

Please note:

  • Please take into consideration Registration Deadlines outlined below!

Registration Requirements

Due to insurance policy requirements, all camp participants must be registered members of Scouts Canada, per Scouts Canada policy. If you have any questions about this or how to register please call Keith at (306) 737-8143 or e-mail

Please note that to register as a staff member with our camp you must be a registered and active member of Scouts Canada, have submitted a clean Criminal Record Check, and have completed all mandatory Scouts Canada training and screening. If you have any questions about this or are not sure on your current status, please visit, contact your group commissioner, or contact the camp administration at

Registration Deadline

Please note that our registration deadline is June 1st. After June 1st, there will be a late fee of $25 per registration. This applies to both adults and youth registrations. We will not be accepting any registrations after July 14th  due to the fact that food and supplies need to be ordered ahead of time. Thank-you for your efforts to get your registrations to us in a timely manner.


Frog – $165.00
Cub – $235.00
Tenderfeet – $235.00
1st Year – $235.00
2nd Year – $255.00
3rd Year – $290.00
4th Year – $290.00
Offer of Service – $180.00

Prices include food (except those troop staples indicated on the equipment list), transportation costs for the duration of camp, canoe rentals, camp fees and camp uniforms. Prices are all-inclusive.

Each group is required to provide their troop with food (breakfast and lunch) prior to the opening ceremony of Campanoe. As camp opens at 12:00 pm on Saturday we ask that breakfast and lunch be provided by the troops or parents that are bringing the youth to camp. For other information about procedures on the first day of camp, please visit our First Day of Camp Procedures page.


When registering for camp please consider whether or not you will be able to make arrangement for any and all pets while you are away at camp as we are officially a pet free camp in accordance with mandatory Scouts Canada guidelines. We will be strictly enforcing these new rules—including the day of the family barbecue.

If you have any questions lease do not hesitate to call Keith at (306) 737-8143, or e-mail

It is important to get in your registration forms at the deadline so we can be aware of allergies, dietary needs, and health conditions before food and supplies are ordered.